You may read, print forms, complete them and deliver them to the nearest Riceland facility or mail them to the address provided on the form.

  1. Internet Account Access Agreement - Read and agree to receive a password and access account information.
  2. Membership Agreement  - To participate in the benefits of Riceland membership.
  3. Marketing Agreement - To authorize the cooperative to market grain you deliver.
  4. Rice Delivery Agreement - To be assured that the cooperative will receive and market your rice (submit annually). Please visit your local drier to fill out the Rice Delivery Agreement and to talk about the changes made to the Rice Marketing program.
  5. Supplemental Marketing Agreement—Withheld Funds - To delay all or a portion of the proceeds derived from the sale of grain until a future date, such as January 1.
  6. Direct Deposit Authorization Form - To participate in Direct Deposit payment program.
  7. Check-Loss Guarantee - To stop payment on a check for crop proceeds or capital refunds that is considered lost or destroyed.
  8. IRS Form W-9 - Riceland is required to report income to the IRS which must include your taxpayer identification number.
  9. Retiree Equity Redemption Program - If you are no longer engaged in farming and not delivering commodities to Riceland or any other marketing organization, you may apply for redemption of equity.
  10. Semi-Retiree Equity Redemption Program  - Farmer-members who are no longer engaged in active farming, but who have commodities delivered reflecting crop rent, may apply for redemption of excess equity (Base Capital).
  11. Authorization of Capital Transfer - To transfer Riceland Base Capital and Class A Stock to any family member.
  12. Change of Address - To prevent delays in receiving important information from Riceland, complete a Change of Address form should your mailing address change.
  13. Food Bank Contribution - To designate a quantity of rice to the Arkansas Rice Depot or the Missouri Bootheel Food Bank for distribution to the needy.
  14. Riceland PAC Contribution - To contribute to the Riceland PAC (Political Action Committee) that supports federal candidates.
  15. In-Depth 2016-2017 Brochure - Riceland In-Depth is designed to promote member involvement through instruction and experience about the cooperative's strategic direction and operations.
  16. Grower's Option Rice Advance - To request an advance on long grain rice in Grower's Option.  The first advance will be available after October 31, 2019. 
  17. Certificate of Eligibility for Rice - For CCC marketing gain benefits

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