Dealing with Stress
Continuous stress can affect people physically and mentally, but there are things you can do to cope with stress.
Kub's Den
When one country is the dominant exporter of a commodity -- like Brazil is of coffee or of (non-tariffed) soybeans in spring 2019 -- movements in that country's currency allow the global benchmark prices of the commodity to shift, even when no other supply-and-demand factor seems to be at play.
Pushing Back on Tariffs
A group of exporters and farmers held a roundtable on trade Wednesday with Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Ia., to discuss ways to convince President Donald Trump to remove his tariffs on trade partners, such as steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico, as well as tariffs on as much as $250 billion in Chinese imports.
DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends
Half of the eight major fertilizers' prices were higher, compared to last month. Farmers are reporting there have been some issues with supply as many people are attempting to apply anhydrous.
Emerging Soybean Pathogens
Taproot decline and red crown rot are two fairly new soybean diseases that may be unfamiliar to Midwest farmers.
Ag's HR Coach
Here are five practices you can implement with relatively low cost and investment of time to help keep an employee engaged.
EPA to Revisit Chlorpyrifos Petition
A federal appeals court ordered the EPA to make a decision on chlorpyrifos objections by July 18.
Iowa Ag-Gag Law Faces Court Challenge
Just one month after a new law prohibiting trespassing on agricultural production facilities took effect, animal rights groups have filed a lawsuit.
The Pest Post
Effective management of black cutworm requires diligence. There are typically three generations of black cutworm each year, though this varies depending on latitude.

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