Cash Corn Market Rallies
The DTN National Corn Index, which computes a national average cash price based on information from thousands of elevators, settled at its highest level in five years as wet weather casts a cloud over production potential.
DTN Fertilizer Outlook
Wet fields, delayed planting, and how many corn acres are lost this year because of challenging weather and field conditions are influencing domestic demand of some fertilizers. The global ammonia price level is starting to hurt some production spots but, so far, no major cutbacks in output are seen.
Pests of the Week
Some early-season caterpillars and slugs are out and feasting on small, late-planted corn and soybean fields.
Illinois Dicamba Rule Change
The Illinois Department of Agriculture has agreed to move its cutoff date for over-the-top dicamba applications from June 30 to July 15 for June-planted soybean fields. Other states are under pressure to do the same, including Minnesota and South Dakota.
View From the Cab
It's hard to enjoy your planted crop when you know its yield potential has already slipped 10% to 20% by planting, View From the Cab farmers admitted.
US Propane Stocks Rise
U.S. inventories of propane/propylene increased about 2.9 million bbl in the week ended June 7 to 71.1 million bbl.
Petroleum Interests Sue EPA on E15 Rule
The first legal challenge of the E15 rule was filed Monday in a federal court in Washington, D.C.
2019 World Food Prize Laureate
Simon Groot began developing a vegetable seed consortium in the Philippines that has increased in distributing seeds to grow a variety of vegetables across 60 countries. He will be recognized this fall as a World Food Prize laureate.
USDA Tempers Aid Expectations
USDA issued a statement from Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on disaster aid late Monday, along with some questions-and-answers where the department sought to spell out some clarity.

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