Family Business Matters
Verbal and nonverbal communication between family members is the most critical skill in an effective family business.
Autonomous Answers
Have questions about how autonomous planting works? Here are some hands-on answers.
Dicamba Cutoffs Loom
Some states have dicamba cutoff dates ranging from June 20 to June 30; Arkansas' ban starts May 25.
DTN Tax Columnist Rod Mauszycki discusses key date adjustments and legislative acts resulting from the COVID-19 response.
Kub's Den
Lower interest rates typically imply higher justified asset prices, and now that interest rates are at record-low levels, their influence may be outweighing some of the COVID-19 bearishness.
Virtual Wheat Tour 2020 -- Day 2
Wheat scouts found extremely dry conditions in west-central and southwest Kansas on day two of touring. The two-day yield estimate for the state was reported at 42 bushels per acre.
Virtual Wheat Tour 2020 -- Day 1
A variable crop met wheat scouts as they combed the northwest and north-central regions of Kansas on Tuesday for the day one report.
Ag Weather Forum
Mid-May 2020 brought memories of the very wet 2019 crop year to the central U.S.
CFAP Sign-up Details Released
Enrollment in CFAP through local USDA Service Centers (Farm Service Agency offices) will begin May 26, and USDA expects payments could go out to producers within a week after sign-up begins. The CFAP includes aid for livestock producers, commodity producers and specialty crops producers.

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