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Riceland Internet Access agreement: PDF Version

Farmers having accounts with Riceland Foods, Inc., (“Riceland”) can access their information by logging onto www.riceland.coop. Access is provided through an Internet-service provider, unrelated to Riceland. The website is maintained by an independent hosting facility, and Riceland supplies information to the host for posting onto the website.

To log-on to account information, a farmer must click on “Register” in the upper right hand corner of the homepage and be prepared to enter your account number and zip code to begin the brief registration process.

Patron specifically agrees as follows:

1. Patron acknowledges that while information on the website is protected by security processes and procedures, such as Patron’s identifying information and password, no security system is foolproof. Patron releases Riceland, its agents and employees from all liability resulting from an unauthorized disclosure of information through the website.

2. Patron further acknowledges that use of the Internet could result in other damage or loss to Patron or Patron’s computer equipment as a result of others gaining access to Patron, information about Patron or Patron’s computer equipment or through importation into computer equipment so-called computer “viruses,” “worms,” “Trojan horses,” “cookies,” “cupcakes” or other programs or routines. Patron hereby releases Riceland, its agents and employees from any and all loss or damage to Patron or Patron’s property as a result of acts of third-parties in connection with the Internet or from downloading or accessing files through the Internet.

3. Patron acknowledges and agrees that technical difficulties and human errors may impede access to the website at certain times and that information on the website about Patron and Patron’s accounts may be subject to error. Patron understands that the official records on Patron and Patron’s accounts will at all times be maintained by Riceland in its official books and records at its offices in Stuttgart, Arkansas, and that in the event of any discrepancy between the information on the Site and information in the official records of Riceland, the information in the official records of Riceland shall prevail. Patron agrees that, if Patron requires exact official information for any purpose, Patron shall contact the offices of Riceland at 2120 South Park Avenue, P. O. Box 927, Stuttgart, Arkansas 72160. Patron waives any and all claims Patron may have now or in the future as to discrepancies between information on the website and official information in Riceland’s books and records.

4. Patron acknowledges that use of hyperlinks from the website to other Internet resources is at Patron’s sole risk. Patron releases Riceland, its agents and employees from any responsibility or liability of any kind relating to the content, accuracy, opinions expressed or other information provided through such resources.

5. Patron acknowledges that all users authorized under Patron’s account have read and agree with Riceland’s TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY.

6. Patron may access additional accounts, which Patron represents and warrants are accounts for which Patron is the owner and/or responsible individual.

Riceland Foods, Inc.
Member Services Department
P. O. Box 927
Stuttgart, AR 72160

I agree to the terms and conditions.

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